The Rigor Mortis, a B-17 Flying Fortress in North Africa and Italy in World War II. 32nd Bomb Squadron of the 301st Bombardment Group, 12h AF and 15th AF.

"Rigor Mortis"

B-17 Flying Fortress

12th Air Force - 15th Air Force

301st Bombardment Group (H)

32nd Bomb Squadron

12th Air Force, Formed Late 1942 For North African Campaign

1st Crew

Don Brazee, Pilot
Charles William Randrup, Co-Pilot
Burt Lewis, Navigator
Emory Cook, Bombardier
James Farrell, Engineer
Lloyd E. Willoughby, Radio Operator
Basil J. "Bob" Lovelace, Ball Turret
Wall, Waist Gunner
Machine Gun" Kelly, Tail Gunner

12th Air Force
15th Air Force

301st Bombardment Group
- 32nd Bomb Squadron
- 352nd Bomb Squadron

2nd Bombardment Group
- 96th Bomb Squadron
- 429th Bomb Squadron

99th Bombardment Group

483rd Bombardment Group
- 817th Bomb Squadron

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96th Bomb Squadron

2nd Bombardment Group

The Rigor Mortis was assigned to the 2nd Bombardment Group, November 14, 1943.

The Rigor Mortis flew 17 missions with the 96th Bomb Squadron. There was 1 Early Return (ERT).

Crews and Missions:

The following alphabetized list of servicemen are listed in crew and squadron records as having flown on Rigor Mortis From November 16, 1943 to March 17, 1944. Some did not survive the war. We honor their memory. Others returned to the states.

I would like to get in contact with any survivors, spouses, descendants or other family members. Thank You.

Ralph	B	Anderson
Anthony	A	Aratari
William		Arm
Everett	J	Bauman
Stanley	W	Beerli
Richard	M	Blomquist
Louis	M	Boehm
Andrew	A	Bonnell, Jr.
Julius	F	Bridges
Robert	A	Brienza
Donald	M	Byrd
Albert	D	Byrne
John	W	Carney
Robert	R	Cary
Richard	H	Chapman
Eugene	H	Chekemain
Robert	C J	Ciampa
Robert	F	Cleesattel
Carl	D	Coleman
Thurman	W	Comer
William	J	Cook
Kenneth	C	Cook
Phillip	L	Cooper
Cleo "Chuck" E	Corley
Samuel	W	Covert
Michael	A	Croccia
Earl	L	Danahey
Thomas	R	Degan
Charles	T	Dickson
John	D	Egan
Furman	W	Elgin
Gordon		Fann
Franklin	W	Fitzgerald
Gerald	W	Flynn
Thomas	W	Forbes
Carl	R	Foster
Joseph	W	Fricke
Ascension		Gonzales
Anthony	S	Gruchawka
Eugene	A	Guay
Edward	W	Haley
Stephen	J	Hannon
Marshall	E	Hanson
Woodrow	W	Hartsock
Merle	L	Hegg
Fred	S	Huskins
Arthur	L	Hyatt
Leon	J	Hyde
Joseph	M	Jaffe
Charles	A	Jones
Stanley	H	Katz
Harry		Kornitsky
Harold	J	Kronenberg
Arthur	A	Krueger
Herman	S	Lavine
Virgil	W	Lazar
Woodrow	M	Lundquist
Henry		Macias
William	E	McNichol
Robert	A	Menke
Allyn	C	Moore
Thomas	M	Moriarity
Joseph	P	O'Connor
Warren	D	Oates
Fred	W	Penn
Kenneth	R	Peters
Russell	W	Phillips
Turner	W	Pickrel
Benjamin	H	Putchkoff
Kendrick	Upton	Reeves
Charles	J	Rheinheimer
Oscar		Rome
Edward	C	Ross, Jr.
John		Rudowski
Benjamin	F	Scheckels, Jr
Edward	E	Schneider
George	J	Seamans
Adolph		Sevruk
Bennie	P	Shoemaker
Anthony	J	Sikole
Clarence	W	Southern
Edward	R	Spriggs
Robert	B	Stamps
George	W	Stasik
John	D	Stepp, Jr.
Freeman	D	Storm
Robert	F	Sykes
Talmadge	W	Trevethan
Harold	A	Troutman
William	L	Tucker
Mallory	E	Walker
Milan	G	Walter
Nemor		Warr
James	E	Warren
James	L	Weaver
Dale	E	Wilkinson
Robert		Willis

Crew lists provided for by research at the national archives by Dick Drain.