The Rigor Mortis, a B-17 Flying Fortress in North Africa and Italy in World War II. 32nd Bomb Squadron of the 301st Bombardment Group, 12h AF and 15th AF.

"Rigor Mortis"

B-17 Flying Fortress

12th Air Force - 15th Air Force

301st Bombardment Group (H)

32nd Bomb Squadron

12th Air Force, Formed Late 1942 For North African Campaign

1st Crew

Don Brazee, Pilot
Charles William Randrup, Co-Pilot
Burt Lewis, Navigator
Emory Cook, Bombardier
James Farrell, Engineer
Lloyd E. Willoughby, Radio Operator
Basil J. "Bob" Lovelace, Ball Turret
Wall, Waist Gunner
Machine Gun" Kelly, Tail Gunner

12th Air Force
15th Air Force

301st Bombardment Group
- 32nd Bomb Squadron
- 352nd Bomb Squadron

2nd Bombardment Group
- 96th Bomb Squadron
- 429th Bomb Squadron

99th Bombardment Group

483rd Bombardment Group
- 817th Bomb Squadron

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352nd Bomb Squadron

301st Bombardment Group

The Rigor Mortis was Assigned to the 301st BG on December 31, 1942.

THe Rigor Mortis flew 1 mission with the 352nd BS.

Crews and Missions:

The crew that flew this mission was the original / first crew, piloted by Donald Brazee. It is likely that the 352nd was short a plane for this mission and thus the Rigor Mortis filled a slot in their formation. There were missions for 5 straight days beginning January 28, 1943, and even through there were no losses by the 301st during these days, mechanical failure and flak or fighter damage likely kept some planes grounded from each squadron.

Plane squadron assignment and mission date provided for by research at the national archives by Dick Drain.